Wooden Terraces

Our terraces can dress with many materials, but without a doubt, one of the Favorites is the wood. Elegant, cozy and warm, this noble material can be applied in a wide range of solutions in outdoor decor. This article will give you some ideas. We can see her present in soils and even furniture, anything is possible. Now, remember that wood will always require maintenance. It is not that you have to be constantly trying to it, but once a year should apply some kind of product in order to maintain its beauty over time.

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Wood Pavement

Perhaps the more traditional way include wood exterior is in soils. Wood pallets are warm to the touch. There are colors that can achieve a more welcoming environment. In addition, as a great advantage, wooden floors are adapted to any corner, provided that we know how to wear them properly. You can cover large surfaces with this material, but it is also possible to highlight small areas above each other, for example, the place in which you save a table to eat outdoors.

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Wood Furniture

Another of the great classics is include wood in the furniture. Wooden tables and chairs are fine, but we also love the banks with this material. Comfortable surfaces that can also be complemented with endless options in textile; and it is that wood offers many possibilities combined with outdoor cushions.

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Lights on Wood

At night the wood will be super illuminated with any type of lighting fixture. And if you want to place indirect lights or embedding certain foci in this material? You won't have any problems, because wood is provided for this purpose. If you want to get a warmer effect, bets on a slightly more yellow lighting. Highlight any area? Look good as a series of indirect light was included in the last photo to give more importance to the wooden steps.

Wooden Terraces 10

Creates unique corners

Wood can help us by also creating unique spaces. For example, is possible to build a beautiful pergola, or a covered area in which to place a corner with low tables to relax or even for a snack. A place in which additionally can include other elements, such as a grill or barbecue. In addition, wood is a super material for framing areas of water, such as swimming pools or hot tubs. Now, in these cases must inform us of what kind place, because there are some more resilient and hard to humid areas.

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It Protects Your Eyes Thanks to The Wooden Terrace

Finally, if you are of those who protect their privacy. Nothing like putting wood panels around your terrace. You can choose the height you like, in addition, as wood is a material that you can paint, you will manage with little effort to fit this part of it with the rest of the decor. It is a great alternative to the typical fabrics or hurdle coming into balconies and terraces as a perimeter fence, and the truth is that they provide a lot more elegance. We hope that you have enjoyed these proposals. If so we'd love you to share this article on your social networks to reach more and more people. Thank you for following us!

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