Important Tips To Get A Sensation of Nordic Study Rooms - Must Read

The decoration of Scandinavian or decoration of Nordic continues being so popular in time, and being the great trends in interior design. Not surprise because this style is intended to get spaces full of light, materials noble and simplicity. A way to treat inside with respect and beauty, thus creating wider spaces visually and above all more cozy. In today's article we offer some tips to create a sensation of Nordic study at home. A quiet corner in which to study or work, where both the colors and furniture are in harmony.

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Neutral colors

If you want a study or desk full of color, the Nordic style is not yours, and it is that these environments are much more comfortable with neutral tones. Let us remember that in the Nordic light is not as abundant. Therefore seeks, through decoration, increase the lighting or promote it. Them colors neutral, as the white or the Brown clear, always will help to create a feeling of more lighting in those environments, and them studies offices not are the exception.

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It provides color detail

In Nordic environments, the color is sought through small details. Perhaps in a study we do not have the opportunity to provide so many textiles in a living room or a bedroom, but you can include brightly through other elements, like for example flowers or even the stationery. What you would seem a Chair yellow? No doubt it would contrast greatly with the rest of neutral tones.

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Black as contrast

The colors neutral are essential in an environment Nordic, and the black not be discard. Why? Because for some reason, brings elegance, but also depth, being able to make larger farms. You can choose to paint a wall or bring black touches in Add-ins.

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How essential wood

If something stands out in the Interior Nordic is the use of the wood. He style Scandinavian seems to have some attachment by this material, not is of surprising, since in the Fund seeks a communion with them materials and colors natural. Not so dudes, includes wood in your Office Nordic, not you will regret it.

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Simplicity in furniture

A Nordic study looks for simplicity. This style bet by light and functional furniture. Thus, the desktop should not be too large. A great option is to opt for a Board and two Trestles. You can place shelves, but they should also be simple. In addition, tend to run very well them drawers low, incorporated in the side of the table, without form part of the desktop, as a complement extra.

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Decorate with lyrics or text

If there is something that we like of the decoration Scandinavian is the use of blades with messages. Yes, letters can be decorated, and in it, this trend take honors. Search for blades that motivate with messages, or simply pictures with different fonts. Decorative vinyls are a good choice, you can find vinyls with phrases in online stores.

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A touch green to give serenity

Although the color theme is pretty controlled, as we can see, contribute a little green always comes in handy. You may ask how introduce green in the decoration duvet? Very simple: with plants.

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Indoor plants can be great allies in Nordic studies. Look for types of small plants, but with lush leaves. Contrast greatly with the white, and even with the black, if you go by this color.