August 7, 2016

The shelves and the Swedish brand String modules are probably the most well-known and popular in its kind in the world (it was designed in 1949 and is still currently each season). The model Pocket of String has fitted in any corner of the House, both as element of storage, as decorative. Available in various finishes and colors, white, black, green, white oak, walnut, white ash, etc. etc. by which integrates seamlessly into any decor no matter the style, color or finish.

String Pocket Shelf 1

The Pocket model you can add other modules (cabinets, folding tables, rack shelves, shelving boles, drawers, etc.) and to build a part even more versatile and complete, to form a large module of storage for the living room, an office, or what our imagination wants. Then you have press photos of the brand and others that the brand itself has collected in its web of networks of customers.

String Pocket Shelf 2

String Pocket Shelf 3

String Pocket Shelf 4

String Pocket Shelf 5

String Pocket Shelf 6

String Pocket Shelf 7

String Pocket Shelf 8

String Pocket Shelf 9
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