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The stone walls remain, today one of the most recurrent in interior decoration. No shortage of reasons. Aesthetically, it is a resource that can adapt to any type of decoration. That, coupled with its strength and easy maintenance, no doubt convinced. We show you some places where you can place stone. From receivers to bathrooms. Any area of the House benefited can see by this super material which, despite what many believe, it is not only own rustic decorations.

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Stone in the hallway

The warm reception are always interesting. It should take into account that this sector is the letter of the rest of the House. It's the start of the tour, the place in which both us and our guests will see anything cross the door. For this reason, use stone here, can be a good option; and it is this material to create warm environments, especially if we use, together with our walls, wooden furniture.

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Stone In Walls 3

Stone in the living room

While is true that our receiver can be more limited as soon as space, in a lounge or dining room, to the treat is of a space more broad, us will allow play more with the stone. We can use it on a single wall, joining the rest with neutral colors, to give it more prominence either stick to smaller parts, as for example a corner to read or framing, in the case of having one, the area of the fireplace.

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Stone In Walls 5

Stone in the kitchen

To speak of the stone in the kitchen, we should make a stop along the way to comment that, while it is true that this material is usually associated with the more rustic spaces, there is no problem in mixed with other more modern elements. In the kitchen we can see a clear example; and it is that modern furniture, both in white and in other materials, seem to be great with this type of Wallcovering. As for the lounge, you can choose by place stone in a wall whole or delimit areas. Now well, perhaps it best is place the stone in the wall that not have contact with the area of fires, remember that the kitchen can be a place with quite fat in the environment, and although it stone is clean, avoid it behind them burners can avoid us dolores of head.

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Stone In Walls 7

Stone in bathrooms

If you are a lover of the bathrooms with stone you can use it without problems. However, depending on the breadth and lighting of your bathroom, you will be more or less recommended. For them bathrooms small, perhaps is interesting accompany this stone with finishes white in walls and floors, as well as a shower of glass for to lighten the joint.

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Stone In Walls 9
Alternatives to stone

The only drawback we found in the stone may be its price, both material and placement. However, there are options. For example, you can find wallpapers or photo wall murals imitating this material on the market.

Stone In Walls 10

Stone In Walls 11

They are simpler to install and its price is considerably lower. In addition, it is also possible to find decorative plates also imitating stone. As we see, there are solutions for every budget.

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Stone In Walls 13

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