Romantic Textiles

A couple of sheets, a few pillows, candles, a bottle of wine and voilĂ , a charming romantic atmosphere with textiles. Who we would say that this small 50 m² flat, going to like both?, well, mostly photos of the balcony, which this time will be in first position in the post against which normally I have used, because they are cute and stand out above the rest. The styling of this little spot is fantastic, the real estate company has worked hard to show another possibility of the space that would have been completely unnoticed (and believe me, if that would sit there to talk quietly with your average Norse Orange and a glass of wine, much building and neighbor that is in front, in that we won, because it gives them completely as the 'say what').

Romantic Textiles 1
To what was, would you give you account of how works the properties for sale in the Nordic real estate? just like that here (= irony). In Spain it is sales or rentals of new construction can have a flat more or less well arranged, but when it comes to second-hand housing, as most of the photos you see in delikatissen, then it is the horror. Do you serve you the photos for ideas on how sitting in fresco with glamour this summer?

Romantic Textiles 2

Romantic Textiles 3

Romantic Textiles 4

Romantic Textiles 5

Romantic Textiles 6

Romantic Textiles 7

Romantic Textiles 8

Romantic Textiles 9

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