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Not be if I dare a look 'raw' or unpolished (is not easy to translate this expression of the Danish or English in decorative terms) for all over my house, surely not, but I negareis that the styling of delicate on others more crude, materials and textiles does not give a very attractive result. Returning to a terrazzo floor as this House would never be an option for my. It is durable, resistant and easy to maintain, but no, thanks. Lived it (suffered) in my parents house for years and was gruesome, hard furniture and decor looked and in the months of winter cold as ice (although in this home's features can be read that there are heating floor heating throughout the House and that would not be a problem, but hey).

RAW Materials 1
Another thing is natural wood which covers some walls in the Hall and in the bedroom that I prefer, like all velvety touch of natural wood? :) Still, the finish of the walls cement is what I surely I would like for a season, but no more. I really like the contrast with furniture and delicate textiles used here and certainly the decoration should be top for this type of finish, but in the background I have a little feeling that eventually would think that I live in a house without a finish, medium to or even worse, in a garage. What do think you leave this type of finishes at home?

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