August 6, 2016

It is not for each profession there is a dwelling, but each individual if that can adapt your home to your profession. This mini floor is decorated to make easy the work of an amateur of the painting. Them tools and canvases next to the window, the table of the dining to the side, of great and excellent table extra for it activity, the kitchen and the lounge in a space open for have of the maximum of light natural instead of paint enclosed in a quarter, it shelf for them brushes, baskets for canvases, walls for expose them pictures finished as well has decided the owner of this small floor housing tailored for your needs.

Mini Floor For an Artist 1
We each have our hobbies, our profession and our lifestyle and dwellings should adapt to this only, not a 'if comes for a visit and I have a sofa extra' or 'if everyone has it so I have to have it. What for some is essential, for others it is completely superfluous, which is beautiful on the other hand, because the same space can have so many different versions, as there are inhabitants. (44 m² has this mini floor and set you as style, but now imagine that its owner out a great fan of the fitness or of the cinema, is appearance would be completely different :)

Mini Floor For an Artist 2

Mini Floor For an Artist 3

Mini Floor For an Artist 4

Mini Floor For an Artist 5

Mini Floor For an Artist 6

Mini Floor For an Artist 7

Mini Floor For an Artist 8

Mini Floor For an Artist 9
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