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Kitchen bars are a great item to save space. Not only for the preparation of food, because the truth is that this type of solution also allows extra for breakfast, eating space or even up to dine on its surface. In this article we bring you some ideas that you can shuffle if you are considering to add a toolbar to your kitchen. There are many alternatives, from peninsulas with extra storage to kitchen islands whose surface expands.

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Free storage kitchen bars

They are visually perfect, especially for small kitchens, because by eliminating the lower part and leave it in the air, with a support point or two, the space is a lot more clear. The materials can be very varied. So, although you can extend your countertop for this purpose material, now see much in decoration magazines an extension with another different material, such as for example wood. A really interesting contrast to bring dynamism to the set.

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Peninsulas with extra storage

If you are lacking space, this option is also very interesting. The peninsulas continue the line of the rest of the kitchen, both with the hob base units. In this way, you will earn a few extra centimeters to place utensils or any other kind of things. You can make it wide or narrow. If you make it wider than the rest of the kitchen, consider the option of creating two fronts, on the one hand and by another, or just book one of them to put some shelves.

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Islands that extend its surface

Larger kitchens, those which have Islands, have a clear advantage because of the space. In addition to these precious elements, which give much elegance to the set, kitchen islands may extend slightly its surface thus achieving an interesting corner for breakfast.

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Bars for small spaces

Smaller kitchens, those that do not have many meters, may also have this type of solutions. For starters, if you opt to unify kitchen with living room, by very small to be, there are many possibilities that can create a separation between both environments with a bar, by close to be. If on the contrary it is a separate kitchen, you can always take one side of it to put a small bar for breakfast.

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Choose the perfect seat

As for the chairs, the truth is that the stools are the most commonly used, not that is the reason why it is the only option. You can choose a bank even as element to sit. Now, keep in mind always the height. If you do not have very clear always you can opt for adjustable stools, those that have a lever to raise and lower the seat, although we cannot deny that fixed wood, as a bar counter, always give a decorative plus to this type of American bars.

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