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The lack of space is, to day of today, one of the main problems in the homes. However, we can find solutions of the most interesting thing that can visually enlarge our farms. For example, the kitchens with dining room included. Built-in kitchens will provide us stays more functional, maximizing the meters from our home and also getting more decorative corners. For this reason, this time we will give you some ideas if you're thinking about include a dining area in your kitchen. There are many alternatives depending on the space that we have, since the possibility of including large tables to ideal solutions for small spaces.

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Round tables for smaller kitchens

In small kitchens, it is also possible to include tables to eat without problems. Options there are many. For example, the round tables take advantage of much better space. A table round occupies less space that a square or rectangular. However, there are that have in has also that it reduces the space for each diner. It ideal is search an of the diameter suitable for the amount of chairs that use, for example, for 4 chairs, a table of 1.20 meters of diameter can suffice.

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Take advantage of the light

Permitting the distribution of your kitchen, don't take advantage of the natural light for your table. Locate the dining next to a window area, or next to it, will make this space is much more illuminated, and therefore more enjoyable. In addition, natural light will much relieve the weight of your table and your chairs, thus creating a much more clear space at the sight.

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Less is more

If your kitchen is too small not to worry, you don't have to give up your area to eat. In these cases, remember that "less is more". An alternative is the buy small tables for two diners. If accounts with invited surely not can eat in it, but for the day to day can be a relief, because can breakfast, eat and dine in she calmly.

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Bars of cuisine that are converted into tables

Very interesting is this option, which is used mainly when the kitchen is integrated into other rooms as the salon. You can extend the countertop thus creating a comfortable kitchen in which to eat bar. Them stools high are the best option in this case, and far from what we can imagine, there are models really comfortable. In addition, depending on how big is your kitchen, you can create very large rods to use them with your family, but also with your visits. Bars can be created as a peninsula or island kitchens.

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No problem of space

If you're that is fortunate to have a large kitchen, the number of options at your fingertips will increase considerably. However, the tables large continue being an of the more decorative and functional. Take advantage of the space to create a beautiful dining room integrated into your kitchen no matter the size of the table. Bet on models that also add value to the whole, with dark woods, or striking materials, for example.

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Fun solutions for kitchens in kitchen

If you also want to give a touch of originality to why not bet on a picnic table? If you have space and you find a model that fits the same, you may be surprised at the result. Another option? Try occupying this corner without use creating a nice and comfortable nook area to eat. What you think the proposals? We hope that these ideas serve as inspiration, either for those who live in small apartments and do not have the possibility of having a separate kitchen dining area, or for those who despite having it like having kitchen and dining room in one.

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