Key of The Style California

Lovers of the beach and the surf, prints and retro sixties furniture now have a decorative tendency which may include in their homes, and we are talking about California-style. A fresh style, with touches of color and fun, very fun. Would you like to know it a little more? Find the touch Californian perfect for your House. Textiles, parts decorative, furniture or paper painted to the walls. There are many resources to achieve and enjoy of a style different to a House different.

Key of The Style California 1
A clear mix of styles

A California-style house can "be riding" between the classic and eclectic; and it is that, first and foremost, seek contrasts. California is synonymous with surfing, relaxed life, beach and tropical touches. So Woods, blue and colors live will be basic in this decorative style. Also, don't forget the linkage of this style with the chic boho, so it will be good idea to bet, too, by details of this style is prints, for example.

Key of The Style California 2

Key of The Style California 3

Wood and years 60

In the homes of California-style wood must be present. It is not necessary to choose this material soils, because the truth is that any porcelain, vinyl or even carpet, light colors, that Yes, will serve. However, wood touches must be present, for example, in the furniture. This style is weakness with sixties style furniture. Retro and straight lines that can go to wood.

Key of The Style California 4

Key of The Style California 5

Worn leather

That love for him retro also can observe is in the use of the leather. Is appreciate sofas and armchairs of leather worn, with some touch men that gives serenity to these spaces illuminated by color. The warmth with these objects is more than assured, running also perfectly and in harmony with the rest of elements of this style.

Key of The Style California 6

Key of The Style California 7

Love by the tropical

He style Californian also counts with touch tropical, a type of decoration quite extended today. Can include these touch on the textile, in cushions and bedspreads, either through papers painted with funds of Palm trees, for example. In addition, plants are welcome. Opt for those that have large branches, a tropical taste giving freshness. Also look for furniture that remember this style. In chairs, for example, there are models that more to see them us nothing automatically transported to a tropical resort full of vegetation and water.

Key of The Style California 8

Key of The Style California 9

Colors California

He blue must be present, not forget that it is of a style very linked to the sea. No matter how or where. It can be present in walls, textiles and decorative objects. Bearing in mind that the wood is part of the rooms, in addition, we can play with riskier colors like the typical of the trend more fluorine. It vibrates with tones and patterns of the world of surfing. Don't be afraid to mix pink with blue, yellow and green. In the variety is the taste, and if bets by soils neutral and walls fairly neutral also can apply all these colors without fear any.

Key of The Style California 10

Key of The Style California 11
Surfer decor

Obviously are welcome all the decorative elements that remind us of the surf. Vans retro by way of pictures or posters, Hawaiian dolls or even pelicans. Imagine a printed t-shirt with flowers, display the typical fashion surfer, any pattern you find in those shirts, anything that you can see in them, can be included in your Californian decoration.