Incredible Pools To Dream

Although not all have enough budget to have one of those spectacular pools that you see in the magazines of decoration, the truth is that they can inspire us to recreate them, albeit on a smaller scale. In this article, the intention is to give you some ideas. Pools incredible, that have special features that the make striking to the maximum. From swimming pools in swimming pools in attics up to small paradise islands. Everything is possible.

Incredible Pools To Dream 1
A swimming pool solarium

Is there anything better than having an infinity pool? Yes, have an infinity pool with a sun terrace. The water will blow with the horizon, but is, in addition, it will enjoy unique sunsets from your platform. Important that the access is safe, you don't want to end up in the water while you are trying to reach your daybed. In addition, if you do not want the water to clash with the rest of the landscape (in the case of a hidden island surrounded by emerald green waters), you can play with the bottom of the pool, applying pigments that do that when it is full it resembles the sea water.

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Incredible Pools To Dream 3

Curves well used

Good work pools is that they can adapt to any corner. In this case in particular, we can see a beautiful curved pool. The terrain was, by which the construction of it has had to take advantage of this detail. The result, an infinity pool which is next to the master suite. Can you have best dawn this?

Incredible Pools To Dream 4

Incredible Pools To Dream 5

Pools that are converted into pits

Consider the ancient medieval castles and the pits of water surrounding them. This type of swimming pools are inspired by this concept, in which houses are transformed into powerful fortresses, and pools surround them completely. Definitely a good place to enjoy and relax.

Incredible Pools To Dream 6

Incredible Pools To Dream 7

Sun and shadow in your swimming pool

Not always we like to be in the Sun when we swim. What can be the solution? Having a pool with Sun and shadow. You can build, as in this case, advances covering half of it. Thus, not only will be protected from the Sun, also the rain. A way to take advantage of the pool during all or most of the year.

Incredible Pools To Dream 8

Incredible Pools To Dream 9

Playing with light

Without a doubt it is the most spectacular pools that we can see in this selection. This pool covers the lower part of the mansion, creating different areas for bathing. What has seemed more interesting however, is how it plays with the indirect light. The pool is completely illuminated by a series of spotlights that at first sight unseen. The truth is that it is a spectacular architectural job.

Incredible Pools To Dream 10

Elongated pools that leave space

If your garden is not too big to put a huge pool, you can resort to the pools at work. As we mentioned, adapt to any space. In this particular example, we can see how a nice swimming pool has been created in the form of T leaving a part of the garden free for other activities.

Incredible Pools To Dream 11

Incredible Pools To Dream 12

Swimming pools in attics

Why not? You have an attic, live in the city does not get rid of them. Now, at this point, it is very important that an architect will take charge of the work; and facades to hold a limited number of litres of water for which it will be necessary to design it to consciousness. What you think these pools? Yes, it is true, not all have space and sufficient budgets to have one, but in any case it's nice dream.

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Incredible Pools To Dream 14

Incredible Pools To Dream 15

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