Go For The Wood in The Kitchen

Although it is clear that white remains the favorite color within the current kitchens, the truth is that wood gradually returns to trend. Styles like the Nordic or the rustic neo start install with comfort in decoration magazines. If you like it, do not hesitate, there are many options that can convince you. From wooden furniture, wooden floors, high with rustic touches or small details. In addition, it is also interesting to see other materials that you can combine with your kitchen in wood.

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Warmth of kitchens with wood to good price

The warmth of wood is indisputable. It is a natural material that gets the corners which is present to be more welcoming. And in the kitchen also happens the same. It is true that wooden furniture are always slightly more expensive, but also stratified or laminated doors that mimic this material can be found. Its price is much lower, and they are also resistant to the passage of time.

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Wood combined with white

Not, it seems a bad idea, because there are times that the kitchens of wood, especially in small spaces, can become saturated. Thus combining wooden furniture, high or low, with white will give good results, because you'll lighten the visual weight. While it is true that there is no preference, we must recognise that furniture in Matt White give a more interesting aspect to our wood stoves.

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Wood with stone white

If you do not want to install kitchen furniture white, another option to subtract drama to the wood is use stones in white. As we can see, white countertops will manage to soften the decorative weight of this material. In terms of the thickness of it, to taste colors, but will always be better a countertop a little thicker, that achieves more contrast.

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Wood combined with black

Can be a combination highly addictive; and it is that black is elegant 100%. Now, if you opt for this combination, the best thing you can do is subtract weight using wood in pequenosdetalles, e.g. in shelves. In addition, do not forget to place white tiles, which give a little light to the whole.

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Wood with concrete countertops

Cement and wood are two very neo-rustic materials. So, if you like this style, a good choice can be placed above a countertop of cement of your wood furniture. In this case, ten in has that the cement also has enough impact visual, so it chooses by place few high or bet directly by shelves.

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Striking finishes for your wooden kitchen

Finally, don't forget aspects as important as the ground or the walls. The hydraulic floors, for example, give very good results. This type of mosaic are going very well both the floors and the walls. Risks and put color, or if you prefer, placed white tiles to win more light in your kitchen. As touch special, the soils of wood combined with tiles hydraulic give excellent results, striking and with much personality.

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