Garden Pergolas

Pergolas are great items to create dining areas abroad. Protect from the Sun on the hottest days, although there are also models that can protect us even up to of rain. In this article we will show you some ideas that you can consider if you are thinking about purchasing a beautiful pergola for your garden or terrace.

Garden Pergolas 1
Wooden pergolas

They are the most beautiful, we can not deny it; and it is that the wood is really warm and friendly. However, it must take into account that these pergolas require maintenance. Wood, with the passage of time, lose their color and may deteriorate more easily than other materials. Sanding and varnishing must be the order of the day, but, as we can see, the result is completely worthwhile.

Garden Pergolas 2

Garden Pergolas 3

Pergolas of iron

Pergolas of iron are much more resistant. In addition, they do not have to be, necessarily, in natural tone, there are many models of painted iron, as these examples, in light colors. They may be indicated to current terraces, especially those that use other materials such as glass or tarpaulins to cover their upper.

Garden Pergolas 4

Garden Pergolas 5

It covers your pergola with hurdle

If we talk about how covered pergolas, the truth is that there are many options. Fabrics are a good choice, as they may be removed periodically for cleaning and cannot open or close (depending on the model) at whim. Now well. A much more aesthetic option is to cover the pergola with hurdle. Also more economical, because this material does not cost too much in hypermarkets of DIY.

Garden Pergolas 6

Garden Pergolas 7

Leave plants to cover your pergola

Plants can also be the perfect complement. It doesn't matter if you've decided to cover your pergola with hurdle, wood or other material. Place plants vines in a pergola will make that little by little it becomes one of those corners of decorating magazine. Keep in mind that the vines be involved in maintenance. They tend to be plants ranging in its air, thus, guide them so they can climb and entangled in ranked and aesthetic.

Garden Pergolas 8

Garden Pergolas 9

Trunks for more exotic pergolas

This example is perfect for those who want a pergola with certain exotic touch. You can use small logs of different nature. For example, bamboo can increase the passion for exotic decoration. Flat slats can also work well, but make sure they are tight (in both cases) to avoid problems in the strongest days of air.

Garden Pergolas 10

Garden Pergolas 11
Removable options

You like shadow but you do not have space for a large pergola? Don't worry, there are solutions. As well as umbrellas, now it has become fashionable a type of awning that we love. Awnings is sailing. Viewing image we can imagine the reason for this name. Whatever it is, are comfortable solutions that adapt to any space and can also remove and put on at a given time comes the winter and don't want to fly? You just have to unleash it, clean it and store it.