Elegant Black Walls

The history of decoration have been colors, as black marginalized and almost prohibited, both on walls and furniture and decoration. Fortunately the great interior decorators and stylists of our time have been able to show us that they are very valid colors. This Monday we see a floor with elegant black walls in the living room. Years ago, black was a color that was practically not used in decoration, was unjustly marginalized by being associated with something sinister and was only chosen for certain environments and later by people of very characteristic taste (even in their dress and lifestyle).

Elegant Black Walls 1
Also has been attributed the feature to minimize the space (against the white color) by what nor has never been the first option especially in small spaces. The reality is different and although it is true that needed daylight to look best, black is an incredibly elegant color that enhances both the structure of dwellings as decoration ornaments. In this Swedish 57 m² flat, the four walls of the living room/bedroom are black and both highlight the beautiful woodwork (windows, door and plinth) as moldings, ceiling, furniture and textiles.

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