Different Types of Tables For Outdoor

If you have areas outside your home, you've certainly raised the idea of placing a table to enjoy meetings with friends and family. It is an excellent decision, however, you must pay close attention in the material we choose; and it is that in terms of outdoor tables refers, we find great variety of models and materials with different prices and features. In the shops of decoration surely will find different materials for furniture of outdoor. From wooden tables, warm and cozy, until the iron or PVC. The idea is to find one that fits in your pocket, but also to your favorite decorative style.

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Warm tables of wood

Wooden tables have an unquestionable beauty. They are ideal to create a warm atmosphere, very friendly with a country touch. These tables tend to be prepared to support changes in the climate, even the rain. However, should be taken into account that this material involves a maintenance so that year after year it is exactly the same. Taking in account this maintenance, this material not us will give problem one. That Yes, the prices of solid wood tables can be high compared with other less harsh.

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Tables of stone for exterior

Another beautiful option is that of natural stone tables. The advantages of this material for outdoor tables are many, to start with, are highly resistant, can last generations, so it's an interesting element to include in our garden. They are aesthetically great a little wild gardens. In addition, no worries about maintenance, because natural stone is not affected by the weather. Now well, care with the stains of fat, are materials porous and can embed is, what perhaps makes it difficult for a little your cleaning in those cases.

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Aluminium tables

These tables is presented as a choice very interesting due to its resistance, but also to its weight. The previous proposals, wood and stone, are nice, Yes, but quite heavy, somewhat inconvenient to those who are planning a move. These tables may move is and move it without problem some. In addition, in the market you will find a myriad of styles and different designs that will fit any type of style.

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Tables of iron wrought

The tables of exterior of iron forged dan true touch romantic really charming. Are more heavy that the of aluminum, perhaps rather more, but not both as them of stone, for example. As models, there are many, also highlighting the chromatic variety. In terms of treatment, you must be careful, because the iron can rust with rain and humidity, nothing that you can not solve a good maintenance.

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Work tables

Finally we found the work tables. Usually made of plaster or cement, these have a very high resistance. Usually not may move, because they tend to build from the foundations, then a time to be built will remain in the same place until you want to definitely remove them. However, should highlight these places of work to adapt without problems to any decoration, availing ourselves of textiles and other decorative elements. This means that if we get tired of a particular style, to buy new bags to our cushions we will have more than enough to give another air to our external.

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