Different Screens For Your Bathroom

Although the shower curtains can be precious, the truth is that aesthetically the effect of a bath screen like us much more. Are more clean, then retain better the water. But, in addition, are capable of extend visually the space, something very valuable, especially in bathrooms small. There are many alternatives in the shops of decoration. In this occasion you will give information about the models more used and them more eye-catching. From simple and minimalistic, fixed of glass to partitions with double opening. Find that best fits your space!

Different Screens For Four Bathroom 1
Fixed in glass

The partitions still of glass are a solution very used currently in bathrooms. Cover a part of the dish of shower, leaving space for back to enter and exit of the same. As main advantage, it must be noted that they are more expensive than other screens. In addition, aesthetically they work very well, because they take up less space. It must be said that this type of screens adapts without problem to any style of bathroom, from the most minimal to classic.

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Different Screens For Four Bathroom 3

Different Screens For Four Bathroom 4

Screens folding

After the fixed glass, folding partitions are one of the most recurring options. These screens cover the entire surface of the shower tray, but have a hinged access door. They are more airtight, so the water won't go at all. In addition, like the previous ones, adapt to any space, and can be made on different measures.

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Different Screens For Four Bathroom 7

Shower sliding

Although the folding screens can be adapted to many spaces, they are not always the solution. Thus, the sliding screens are an excellent choice for those people who, for reasons of space, can not use folding screens in the bathroom. They are stylish and functional. They are light and works very well in tight spaces. In addition, the door can be customized to be able to fit any decorative style.

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Different Screens For Four Bathroom 9

Double-entry screens

This type of screens are used in bathrooms spacious, with dishes of showers large, normally double. Are very comfortable, because we have two openings side that we allow enter and exit without problem. In addition, provide to them bathrooms a more than evident sensation of amplitude. They are aesthetically perfect to create custom baths full of style. In terms of materials, although you can use the Crystal, in this case, if we are looking for a little more than design also exist other materials.

Different Screens For Four Bathroom 10

Different Screens For Four Bathroom 11

Aluminum and glass enclosures

More than screens it is of fixed. Walls of glass covering the entire surface. The aluminium frame and glass give an industrial touch to this solution. A very interesting aspect that also fits perfectly with the most modern houses, those inspired by a style transparent or loft or which are carried away by the industrial trend. These screens or enclosures, should be tailor-made.

Different Screens For Four Bathroom 12

Enclosures for bathtub

Although shower trays adapt better to the partitions, if you have a tub and don't want to change it, you should know that there are also models for them. It is true that showers and shower screens are more comfortable, but a bathtub wall panel can also be the ultimate solution to splash water.

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