Delicate Wallpaper

Both if it use for all the walls of a room, as for delimit a space, the headboard of the bed for example, the paper of wall painted with reasons delicate brings sweetness, tranquility and sophistication to the decoration. In this bedroom 3 walls have wallpapers with the Swedish brand Sandberg Beata Black model that makes a nice circular shape nested in grayscale print. In addition to a point of elegance, bedroom with this model acquires some texture, as if it suddenly on the walls where the paper is a soft fabric.

Delicate Wallpaper 1
You must be careful with the wallpaper and her prints, well, rather with furniture and accessories if our starting point is the wallpaper in a room. As you can see, in this case, to be printed of closed borders, both furniture and textiles in the room are smooth, and in soft tones that is married with paper, nothing prints extra duvet cover or warm colors and strong in pictures or other accessories, forming a hodgepodge of colors and drawings nonsense at the end. Is an art know find a nice print that marry our decoration, but when it is, highlight it and beautify even more, enjoy!

Delicate Wallpaper 2

Delicate Wallpaper 3

Delicate Wallpaper 4

Delicate Wallpaper 5

Delicate Wallpaper 6

Delicate Wallpaper 7

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