Decorate With Concrete Blocks

The decoration may use materials that we would have never imagined. The blocks of concrete or cement, for example, essential elements for construction, are now passed to the deco world. Discover what you can do with them. From small units to desktops. Everything is possible with these blocks coming stomping. Fill your interiors and exteriors with this resource and surprise you with its decorative power.

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One bedroom with concrete blocks

You can integrate concrete blocks in your bedroom. For example, piling up a few get a fun DIY nightstand. Gaps in these blocks will allow you to have space to put your books, your alarm clock and decorative objects. Another option is to create a mattress based on cement blocks. A rigid surface on which to place your mattress with this fun bedside table game.

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Chairs and desks with concrete blocks

A desk should have a surface and holes to place our stationery. Concrete blocks can give you all that. On them, you can place a flat wooden surface. On the sides you'll find space to store everything you need. In addition, concrete blocks can be turned into chairs for your home. Some cushions fluffy in the part superior and get space extra to sit you.
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A piece of furniture for your TV

Stack blocks of cement at a low height with a surface of wood or other material, will allow you to get to DIY piece of furniture for your TV or place it under this. Create different heights using more than one block and get space to place baskets, books or any other decorative element that comes to mind.
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Blocks of cement for dining tables

The side tables are needed. Low tables for the lounge, are also very practical. These blocks can have the necessary height to become the legs of your table. Place over a glass or a Board. In the glass case keep in mind that you will have to add some suction cups so that it is subject and does not slip.
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Cement banks

Going abroad, if you have room to place a seat, you might like these example of banks with concrete blocks. Best of all is that you can paint them, thus adding a decorative plus. The system of these banks is simple, use the Hollows of the blocks to insert wooden bars that create a surface on which to sit. Places, as for example cushions, to give color and comfort to your Bank and get ready to enjoy.
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Furniture auxiliary and plants
As in the case of the Cabinet to the TV, you can play with different heights to get spaces in which to place your indoor plants. A planter for any stay that will make sure your plants are always visible.
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Decorate your garden with blocks of cement

Outdoor room options are endless. You can, for example, use concrete blocks as planters. Enter in their hollow Earth and plant seeds so they grow. In addition, you can also use these blocks as mere decorative elements, for example painting its interior as shown in the image above. What do you think of proposals? Would have you imagined everything that you can do with this simple material? If you found it interesting we'd love you to compartieses this article on your social networks, maybe you like to your friends and followers.
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