Decorate According to Feng Shui a House With Good Energy

Away from what is intended, critics and defenders have, the truth is that feng shui can do a lot for you and your home, transforming spaces in places where feel well and comfortable. It has nothing to do with light candles, place a three-legged frog or employ a Bagua map and you must not even believe in him. In addition, at the same time, it should be a reflection of your personality. These are the keys to a House with good energy. To start a new life must get rid of everything you don't need and do cleaning, to allow the energy to flow. The more free, developed and cleared are our farms, more comfortable and at ease, we will feel in them. And, of course, to keep order. It is essential to achieve harmony and balance.

Decorate According to Feng Shui a House With Good Energy 1
The Hall or the hall should be welcoming you home. Pay attention to your decor and put flowers, box, or a beautiful piece of furniture, that makes you feel like nothing more crossing the threshold. Bedroom, living room and bathroom are, in that order of importance, the key stays in decoration feng shui, allowing you the balance of the entire House. Each room has a function. So the bedroom, for example, it is the resting place and the lounge is the meeting and relaxation area. If the bedroom is the place to rest, it is clear that in it there is no hole for television. Forget to take the sleep with the sound of the TV because both the light and the voice, what they do is to avoid that you rest well. Nor is recommended the phone on the bedside table to avoid electromagnetic waves. The lifetime alarm clocks are a good choice to get up in the morning. Here you load batteries for every day, so peace must reign. The bed is the absolute protagonist of the space. It must be in diagonal and opposite to the door, so that it markets in any part of the bed. Best if you have header and is recommended that after this there is a wall, not a window. Best if you have a good backup that support you.

Decorate According to Feng Shui a House With Good Energy 2

It is the heart, the social part of the House, where meetings occur with friends and family evenings. The sofas are an essential part of the living room. Ideally placed them without face, forming angles of 90 °, so that people who feel in them, can have a fluid communication. Avoids, to the extent possible, put them all online TV. Lighting is an essential part, since it helps to recreate atmospheres. Choose an adequate general lighting and other punctual with table lamps and sconces. Removes the shady corners of energy and let the light shine in the whole space. In the dining room, on the other hand, the table is the Center. It must adapt to the dimensions of the space, so not to overwhelm or 'dance' within the stay but that is integrated and comfortable. If possible, choose a round model, since it is more harmonious, while the rectangular establish hierarchies with two headers.

Decorate According to Feng Shui a House With Good Energy 3

Decorate According to Feng Shui a House With Good Energy 4