Corner Sofa

Also called nook or corner sofa is a piece of furniture great for classrooms when we only want to have an element of relaxation. Years ago, when she went shopping for the living room and sofa was almost always is out of the store with a couch, for which almost never had enough room in our lounges, things such as. The three parts take up much space and are only valid for very large rooms.

Corner Sofa 1

Fortunately, nowadays, sofas manufacturers give us a choice of many more options, 2 or 3 seater sofas, Corner sofas and sofas with chaise longue. If space permits, you can add an armchair read, or extra decorative, to create contrast, but behind was fashion for the two seats equal to the sofa as a general rule. On this floor is the best choice to fill that space, creates a comfortable corner under the window where the merge to watch TV or read, any other option would have not been equally balanced. By the way, I wanted to warn you from tomorrow and a year we have new collaborator Friday, it's Sara, of your crate Vintage blog. Sara, it will delight us with a delicious sweet recipe every month, I'm looking forward to seeing that we had prepared! Do not miss it, expect your comments with great enthusiasm.

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