Change Your Home Decor Trends 2016

Give a twist to your decor in 2016. What interior design trends await us? What changes you would make? Do you want a reform or just by changing some details in your home? A good way to redecorate, is to think about what you need and what use more. These are the elements that most high-speed if you change them a bit. And which you no longer use or no longer like? Transform it! For example, change your nightstands Tulip by fashionable colours or paints some occasional furniture.

Home Decor Trends 2016 1

More appropriate is stopping to think and create a mental image of how you want to see this area of your home. Inspired by magazines or blogs, try brainstorm or attend any professional that you advise in the distribution, colors... You can with your ideas and designs in 3D help you decide your new decor. Below, we review the 2016 trends so that you can plan your home decor changes.


Neutral-toned Woods continues triumphing this 2016. We will see it combined with white. Another companion of light-toned wood will remain the glass. This combination is a benchmark for elegance and it seems that the game wood has come to stay for a few years. This year will highlight the color gold in all its forms: pink, champagne. This metal adapts to any environment: adds a traditional touch in more contemporary styles, a chic and classic environments. Used in moderation it will create impact. We will see it combined with fine woods, neutral tones, glass and other metals.


The hoses are fashionable this 2016 and not only in the work area. Do not put hoses on the bedroom bedside tables? And a maxi flexo in the area of couches? Play with the light points help give another unlike any environment. In addition, putting a flexo, is a decorative detail that all lovers of reading will appreciate.

Home Decor Trends 2016 2

Home Decor Trends 2016 3


Change the color to your walls or furniture and full of life your spaces. Play with curtains, carpets, blankets, cushions and all kinds of textiles. If you like to dress your House to fashion colors for this 2016 are Rose Quartz and blue serenity. Combined with the grey, make up the Pantone 2016. These colors bring calm and give breadth to your spaces. In addition to the new tones, will continue seeing the delicate colors that predominated in 2015: colors makeup, pale pink, beige, white, turquoise blue, grey, green cake and vanilla tones.