August 10, 2016

A few years ago the petrol blue invaded the pages of magazines and fashion stores, giving at the same time jump to the market of decoration. He was not a usual color so far and although now it is no longer fashionable, it is still protagonist of elegant decorations and accessories. You atreveríais to paint a wall in your kitchen in this intense color? insurance Yes now already one dares all right? Although it is a strong color, it seems relaxing and elegant at the same time, it is what has blue in almost all its tones, which is not a strident color such as red or others.

Blue Oil In The Kitchen 1
In this kitchen creates a very original contrast between the work area, white pristine from the floor to the ceiling and the corner that serves as a dining room, (is a good trick when with the color or a pattern you want to delimit a space in the same room). Look in the photo just below that pretty contrast with natural wood and white porcelain. Don't miss the rest of this floor of 63 m², in that bedroom full of cotton textile and wrinkled linen makes you want to snuggle all afternoon.

Blue Oil In The Kitchen 2

Blue Oil In The Kitchen 3

Blue Oil In The Kitchen 4

Blue Oil In The Kitchen 5

Blue Oil In The Kitchen 6

Blue Oil In The Kitchen 7

Blue Oil In The Kitchen 8
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