The Best Tips of Double Height Bedrooms Ideas and Designs

They are aesthetically the most, but it is that double height bedrooms is a great option to take advantage of the space. If you always want to have one of these but not convinced at all. Read this articles guide and you will find it. Use the double height space for different purposes, from dressing rooms, studies, or simply a play area. This kind of provisions of space gives many possibilities.

Bedroom Double Height 1
Take advantage of the space to the maximum

Rooms to double height allow you to take advantage of the space. However, must have in has something, to create this type of environment, is necessary to count with ceilings high. Otherwise, the double-height will not be neither pretty nor as comfortable. Imagine having to crouch down to get to bed. May not be a good option. But if you have high ceilings do not hesitate, it can be a very interesting option, more if you have few rooms and meters in general.

Bedroom Double Height 2

Bedroom Double Height 3

Extra space for a dressing room ideas

By dividing your room on two levels you will have an extra versatile space. You can, for example, take advantage of it to place an area of dressing room. While it is true that also could be a closet, the idea of having a dressing room to the air in the room addition in the visual; and is that we cannot deny that the result is, how much less, charming.

Bedroom Double Height 4

Bedroom Double Height 5

A beautiful area of study

If you don't have many rooms, but you have high ceiling rooms, can be a good idea to take advantage of double height to place a study area. But the truth is that normally reserves the bottom to place the desktop, top space could also be booked for this purpose without problems.

Bedroom Double Height 6

Bedroom Double Height 7

Libraries in your bedroom

Would you are of those who loves the reading above all? Look at this idea. The bed in the upper part, with more than enough to make it a comfortable area. In the part lower is chooses by place a beautiful shelf of work to place books. A charming library for those who always read before going to sleep.

Bedroom Double Height 8

Bedroom Double Height 9

Double height childern bedrooms

The children's rooms with double height style gives a lot games. The shared rooms will be more fun, and may create two differentiated spaces, even up to two children's rooms in one, therefore giving privacy to each child. In addition, also is can book an of the two parties for area of games. Interesting, right?

Bedroom Double Height 10

Solutions for ceilings low

If you like the idea of double-height rooms, but don't have high enough ceilings, another option is to create a less drastic drop. A small platform that divide visually the stay is sufficient to place some aesthetic stairs and leave your bed secluded of the rest of the area of the room.

Bedroom Double Height 11

Safety comes first

Finally, if are thinking in adopting this idea, speaks always with professional. The part superior must be firm to avoid problems, especially when we are talking of children rooms. We can make work, plaster or plasterboard structures division, either bet on wood or other materials, but always supervised by parents or people with enough knowledge. Do you think this article of The Best Tips of Double Height Bedrooms Ideas and Designs help you?

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