August 16, 2016

Recently we talked about the romantic and warm making linen, wrinkled or not, decorations, but the gauze and cotton press nor lag behind. This canopy made of linen for the bedroom is a very cheap way to have one. This floor has only 60 m² but is full of places that inspire you to decorate our homes. From areas more minimalist and clear as the shelves, under windows or the area where the dining room is that there are no superfluous adornments that removed prominence to furniture or objects to highlight, to other more ornate areas such as the bedroom, with textiles and furniture many textures that fill and give comfort and warmth to the space.

A Canopy Made of Sheets 1

The canopies with best-known textiles are those formed by gauze mosquito nets of those we see in the homes of the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and Africa, but in this bedroom that is not the function, it is just decorative. He is in fact not well appreciated, but sheets or put used curtains might be a bit the tuntun, that of 'disorder to decorative purpose'. For me is a nice option for a little change the look of the bedroom at home, but very temporary, would be a disaster for my allergy.

A Canopy Made of Sheets 2

A Canopy Made of Sheets 3

A Canopy Made of Sheets 4

A Canopy Made of Sheets 5

A Canopy Made of Sheets 6

A Canopy Made of Sheets 7

A Canopy Made of Sheets 8

A Canopy Made of Sheets 9
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