2016 Trends in Office Design

Design offices changes rhythm changing companies and, thus, the needs of the workers. New forms of work and the trend towards horizontal work structures are changing the conception of the design offices. The team is the most important asset of any company and, usually, we spend more time in the office than at home so you'll be with us, that working in pleasant spaces is essential to care for the well-being of workers. But let's talk about what we like, let's talk decor and trends! In this case, of offices.

2016 Trends in Office Design 1

Open Spaces.

In the new philosophy business, less hierarchical, premium communication. We succeeded reducing visual barriers and working in shared spaces. In open spaces, we got amplitude, more light and more dynamic. And this does not involve, necessarily, losing privacy in our workday or lose the ability to divide rooms. For example, using partition modular, separators or screens, privacy is guaranteed and the feeling of spaciousness is enhanced. This by 2016, we highlight the glass partitions. They will be the real protagonists! Get visual breadth and almost do not interfere in the perception of the space, as well as insulate acoustically.

2016 Trends in Office Design 2

Flexibility and Coworking.

It is good to encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas among employees. Also, encourage their creativity and innovation. Regardless of whether it is an Office Open or divided by walls, it is important to count on coworking spaces, since they have given standing to talent and creativity to flow freely, and get better results in work teams. Having large meeting tables, areas for relaxation and common spaces is one of the most popular aspects. In addition, flexibility in schedules and the mobility of workers, make it necessary that companies use solutions that enable a more rational use of space, and can vary their jobs depending on daily necessities which includes space for leisure, cafes, waiting, etc.

2016 Trends in Office Design 3

In offices, less is more.

The simple and sleek design: another trend already enshrined in the design of offices. Experts say that sheltered offices furniture and excessive decoration, in the long run, are burdensome. These ornate environments make it difficult for the concentration of workers and, in case of receiving visits, probably your customers will be an image unprofessional. A less loaded decoration will give greater feeling of spaciousness. If you opt for decorated walls, you can combine them with base units in white or warm tones. A clean environment will visually allow workers to concentrate better and be more productive.

Other advantages of these environments without charge and without Visual obstacles is the best use of the light, a fundamental for relaxation to the work factor. In addition, when the furniture and decoration elements are excessive, they tend to absorb the light that comes into the office and space seem even smaller. In the medium term is the virtue. We are committed to the furnished spaces without overloading them. Convey a sense of order in your office, from the reception to the offices or jobs, denotes organization and professionalism to your visitors as well as create a hospitable environment for your workers.

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