The Best Tips of Double Height Bedrooms Ideas and Designs

They are aesthetically the most, but it is that double height bedrooms is a great option to take advantage of the space. If you always want to have one of these but not convinced at all. Read this articles guide and you will find it. Use the double height space for different purposes, from dressing rooms, studies, or simply a play area. This kind of provisions of space gives many possibilities.

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Go For The Wood in The Kitchen

Although it is clear that white remains the favorite color within the current kitchens, the truth is that wood gradually returns to trend. Styles like the Nordic or the rustic neo start install with comfort in decoration magazines. If you like it, do not hesitate, there are many options that can convince you. From wooden furniture, wooden floors, high with rustic touches or small details. In addition, it is also interesting to see other materials that you can combine with your kitchen in wood.

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Different Types of Tables For Outdoor

If you have areas outside your home, you've certainly raised the idea of placing a table to enjoy meetings with friends and family. It is an excellent decision, however, you must pay close attention in the material we choose; and it is that in terms of outdoor tables refers, we find great variety of models and materials with different prices and features. In the shops of decoration surely will find different materials for furniture of outdoor. From wooden tables, warm and cozy, until the iron or PVC. The idea is to find one that fits in your pocket, but also to your favorite decorative style.

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Important Tips To Get A Sensation of Nordic Study Rooms - Must Read

The decoration of Scandinavian or decoration of Nordic continues being so popular in time, and being the great trends in interior design. Not surprise because this style is intended to get spaces full of light, materials noble and simplicity. A way to treat inside with respect and beauty, thus creating wider spaces visually and above all more cozy. In today's article we offer some tips to create a sensation of Nordic study at home. A quiet corner in which to study or work, where both the colors and furniture are in harmony.

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Kitchen And Dining Room In One

The lack of space is, to day of today, one of the main problems in the homes. However, we can find solutions of the most interesting thing that can visually enlarge our farms. For example, the kitchens with dining room included. Built-in kitchens will provide us stays more functional, maximizing the meters from our home and also getting more decorative corners. For this reason, this time we will give you some ideas if you're thinking about include a dining area in your kitchen. There are many alternatives depending on the space that we have, since the possibility of including large tables to ideal solutions for small spaces.

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Ideas For Decorating a Children Room With Nordic Style

Nordic style continues to be one of the Favorites when it comes to decorate interiors. Not only in kitchens or bathrooms, Nordic environments can also be seen in rooms such as the children's bedrooms. If you like the Scandinavian style and you're thinking about redecorating the room of children, this article will give you some ideas that you will surely love. They are proposals that we find in Kenay, one of the online stores of furniture that we like most.

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Different Screens For Your Bathroom

Although the shower curtains can be precious, the truth is that aesthetically the effect of a bath screen like us much more. Are more clean, then retain better the water. But, in addition, are capable of extend visually the space, something very valuable, especially in bathrooms small. There are many alternatives in the shops of decoration. In this occasion you will give information about the models more used and them more eye-catching. From simple and minimalistic, fixed of glass to partitions with double opening. Find that best fits your space!

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Stone In Walls

The stone walls remain, today one of the most recurrent in interior decoration. No shortage of reasons. Aesthetically, it is a resource that can adapt to any type of decoration. That, coupled with its strength and easy maintenance, no doubt convinced. We show you some places where you can place stone. From receivers to bathrooms. Any area of the House benefited can see by this super material which, despite what many believe, it is not only own rustic decorations.

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Ideas Colorful To Decorate Exterior

We love the colorful exterior. The variety of tones on your terraces, balconies or patios, will make that space much more cozy and at the same time fun. Would you like to find some colorful ideas for decorating outdoors? From the color of the walls going by the textile or even certain elements decorative. Notes and be prepared to radically change your outdoor rest areas with some tips.

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Artistic Forge Furniture

Would you like to give a different touch to your home? Perhaps give him a bit of romance to your stays is an excellent idea. Today we will talk about a material that you can get impossible ways, and we refer to forging. It's a really versatile; but traditional material and it is that as we will show below, wrought iron can be used for a multitude of furniture and decorative elements. We love the proposal of Virginiart, a home design and decoration that specializes in furniture of wrought iron, from headboards to lamps and mirrors. They offer an interesting catalogue of products but also made furniture to order, because their products are completely handmade.

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Key of The Style California

Lovers of the beach and the surf, prints and retro sixties furniture now have a decorative tendency which may include in their homes, and we are talking about California-style. A fresh style, with touches of color and fun, very fun. Would you like to know it a little more? Find the touch Californian perfect for your House. Textiles, parts decorative, furniture or paper painted to the walls. There are many resources to achieve and enjoy of a style different to a House different.

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Ideas For a Zone of Washing With Style

The washing area does not have to be a little aesthetic. It certain is that there are many solutions to be able to create a space integrated with your decoration. Already is in the bathroom or in a room independent, the laundries can be places welcome. Today I will give you some ideas. From materials for your walls to furnishing accessories such as shelves or racks. Discover everything you can do to make your laundry room look well and, thus, be pleasant to be in it.

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Bathtub or Shower? Advantages And Disadvantages of Each

In recent years it seems that the choice between bath and shower tray is fairly common. There are many people faced by reforming the bath solution give; and it is that it is not for less, since both elements are totally different. Your what do you think? Would you know which one to choose? In today's article we analyze a little more in depth both alternatives. Tubs to enjoy of relaxing baths or showers for people who have a more hectic pace of life. We invite you to read this article and then tell us what is the best alternative for you.
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Decorate With Concrete Blocks

The decoration may use materials that we would have never imagined. The blocks of concrete or cement, for example, essential elements for construction, are now passed to the deco world. Discover what you can do with them. From small units to desktops. Everything is possible with these blocks coming stomping. Fill your interiors and exteriors with this resource and surprise you with its decorative power.

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Kitchen With Bar

Kitchen bars are a great item to save space. Not only for the preparation of food, because the truth is that this type of solution also allows extra for breakfast, eating space or even up to dine on its surface. In this article we bring you some ideas that you can shuffle if you are considering to add a toolbar to your kitchen. There are many alternatives, from peninsulas with extra storage to kitchen islands whose surface expands.

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7 Magical Ideas To Decorate Parties With Paper

Parties may be the perfect time to get all our creative side. How? Through the decor. If you have a celebration coming soon and don't know very well as decorating your home, we show you some simple ideas with paper. Yes, with paper; and it is that decoration doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. There are many economic ideas to decorate parties with this simple material. We can make from paper flowers to beautiful garlands. Choose the colours that you like most and you get your hands on. Is there something more original than a DIY decoration?

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Incredible Pools To Dream

Although not all have enough budget to have one of those spectacular pools that you see in the magazines of decoration, the truth is that they can inspire us to recreate them, albeit on a smaller scale. In this article, the intention is to give you some ideas. Pools incredible, that have special features that the make striking to the maximum. From swimming pools in swimming pools in attics up to small paradise islands. Everything is possible.

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Different Tables To Any Corner of The House

Different tables create different spaces. And what we mean when we say different tables? As surfaces, be they large, small or medium, that nothing have to do with the conventional. Below are some ideas to introduce elements that bring originality to your home. From made with large pallet for dining room tables, small tables to auxiliary pendants. Everything is possible with a little imagination.

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Tips to Create an Industrial Style Bedroom

Industrial style bedroom are fashionable; and it is that this type of decoration has become lounges and kitchens these dependencies of the House very quickly than they could imagine. It is not surprising, as they get rooms with lots of character. Would you like to learn how to create a bedroom with industrial style? We give you some basic keys to apply to your bedroom. From the color gamut to materials, even solutions a little more striking such as the Industrial enclosures. Take a look at which ones you are interested in more and get ready for a new bedroom full of design.

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Garden Pergolas

Pergolas are great items to create dining areas abroad. Protect from the Sun on the hottest days, although there are also models that can protect us even up to of rain. In this article we will show you some ideas that you can consider if you are thinking about purchasing a beautiful pergola for your garden or terrace.

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Important! Different Types of Sliding Doors You Need To Know

Sliding doors are great solutions when we have little space in our home. Why? Then due to save us the space of conventional doors. If you are thinking about placing sliding doors in your House, we teach you some examples that may come, from the conventional sliding doors with casoneto, until doors of rustic wood hanging guides.

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More Ideas For Decorating With Little Money

After so many years of existence, we can ensure that if there is a topic that interests the majority of our readers is that they are tricks to decorate with little money. So, and therefore every now and then publish an article with photos of furniture low cost and decorative objects that you can do yourself without spending much money. In recent years the low-cost decoration has gained greater prominence, first the simple, and more than understandable, they save money; but it is not the only reason why the furniture low cost van invading homes, it turns out that the craft or "home" has become trend lately. And this is shown by the latest collections of many brands that manufacture furniture with a DIY air (made by oneself).

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Enjoy The Summer With Style

As well as during most of the year we deal with interior decoration, in the summer it comes the time of our outdoor. Yes, no matter that so great. Do you have a balcony, a terrace, a garden? Well, then you are a lucky and you should take advantage of. Do we love it? spend hours outdoors, but it is very important to protect us from the Sun.? To do this, the best will be to note the awnings, pergolas or umbrellas. We love the proposals offered by Leroy Merlin, where we find a wide range of products ideal for enjoying outdoor summer days. Awnings are ideal for placement in small balconies, as well as large windows, because in addition to slow down the heat that could enter the housing, which will help us to save electric power, they will contribute an extra decorative rather than interesting.

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More Ideas for Decorating With Concrete Blocks

Decorate recycling is possible, and the truth is that we love. It is not the first time that we talked about this ideal resource for those who want to decorate with little money, without losing style. In this article we want to share more ideas to decorate with concrete blocks. These concrete blocks may appear to have a limited use, only for the construction, but not so. It is possible to do a myriad of things with them, and the truth is that we have to say that the results are more than interesting. Do you feel like?

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Wooden Terraces

Our terraces can dress with many materials, but without a doubt, one of the Favorites is the wood. Elegant, cozy and warm, this noble material can be applied in a wide range of solutions in outdoor decor. This article will give you some ideas. We can see her present in soils and even furniture, anything is possible. Now, remember that wood will always require maintenance. It is not that you have to be constantly trying to it, but once a year should apply some kind of product in order to maintain its beauty over time.

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Romantic Style

For the romantic of the House we have this series of photos that shows a very delicate decoration, with light colours, flowers and details; ideal to change the style of our home and give it a feminine touch. This style of decoration consists of small details that create a unique romantic atmosphere. We encourage you to give you that feminine touch to every corner of your home! Embroidered flowers form part of the decoration of the cushions.

Romantic Style 1

Corner Bunk Beds

Here are a variety of corner bunk beds, which are a good option to save space in the room. It must keep in mind that while more space can generate in the environment is better, why can opt for custom furniture. Here the bed is a small desk and useful drawers.

Corner Bunk Beds 1

Baby Bedrooms

As we know the baby's room has to be the safest in the House, we can decorate it in several ways, a good choice for wall papers, are practical and they cover a large area, another option are vinyl, much used in modern decoration and then we can decorate the wall with a mural, painted by us or with the help of a professional. It must be taken into account to decorate the nursery have to choose the right furniture, and make the bedroom a place that generates peace.

Baby Bathrooms 1

Games Room

The game room is the place where children can create and have fun. It is important to have the game room furniture suitable for children, the Round tables are ideal, since they do not have sharp corners, the jugueteros are important to maintain the order., slates are a good choice, since children like to draw. It would be good to have a panel where you can place the drawings of children, since they like to show their masterpieces.

Games Room

Child Bathroom Decor

Look at that beautiful child bathroom decor. Many times the time that our kids are learning to go to the bathroom is a little difficult that to achieve it, partly due to the fear that causes them the space, more if we adapt the place with colors, accessories and some animals or characters of your choice, going to the bathroom will be fun.

Child Bathroom Decor 1

Ideas in Small Courtyards

For all those people that we like to enjoy special moments at home, nothing better than a few awesome ideas in small yards coming us perfect to be with family or alone.

Ideas in Small Courtyards 1

Decorated Apartments

Excellent decorated apartments that you capture from a home with the accuracy of an optimal image of season, where the ideas flow spontaneously from wherever you are. A demonstration of elegance, modernism and avant-garde is what lives inside the room with armchairs sand, coffee table dark wood, combined plants in corners that are part of the natural element and above all keep the clear walls.

Decorated Apartments 1

Wrinkled or Ironing Linen

This question always leads to discussion, some prefer it so that it has come out of the washer and it has dried and other well smooth and unwrinkled, are wrinkled or ironing linen? Linen is a textile which gives much play in indoor photos, its texture makes more warm, cozy and comfortable decorations, but for what some is something beautiful, namely, wrinkle, others produce them stress and gives them a sense of disorder and reluctance.

Wrinkled or Ironing Linen 1

Beach House in The Hamptons

This summer we go on vacation to the East coast of the United States, New York City, Long Island, the coast of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, to Boston, and though we don't yet have all decided, one thing if it is safe, a couple of night will be for the Hamptons (to see if I can show you a photo at the time with a Beach house in the Hamptons like this). Almost certainly we do not stay in anything like this, lots of money to then spend the day out hiking or on the beach (talk about prices for one night into something that's about 700 euros and more! insane), we will comply with a picturesque motelito on the beach.

Beach House in The Hamptons 1

Window in Front of The Kitchen Sink

During the years that I lived in Denmark I did it in two apartments and a House, in the three homes the kitchen window was right in front of the sink area, in Spain this option not typically. Do you have the window of the kitchen sink? you are fortunate that here on that part of the appliance there is usually, furniture or the most boring wall, when in other European countries is a standard place to have natural light when it is working.

Window in Front of The Kitchen Sink 1

Yes, a Wall of Wallpaper in The Kitchen

There are myths and urban legends on issues of construction and decoration that are so widespread and deeply rooted among us who sometimes don't let us see beyond. Wallpaper of wall if it can be used, and is due in the kitchens. That not be fooled or remove you the idea of the head, if you want to wallpaper your kitchen (or your bathroom that could also be included in this category of 'anti'), do it! The revolution and advances not only have reached technological equipment and cars as many may think, in construction materials also there have been many developments incorporating ingredients and techniques in the manufacture of many products making them valid and lasting for many structures and surfaces.

Yes, a Wall of Wallpaper in The Kitchen 1

White Shelf to Cover a Whole Wall of The Living Room

Shelves are practical, they fit all, books, technology, ceramics, lighting, memories of trips, clothes... closed leave our objects from dust and light protected and open help us to expose them and enjoy them every day. Imagine all those possibilities if we decided to cover an entire wall in our lounge with a bookcase, then everything could be us, would have site to teach our treasures and memories more precious and a couple of closed modules would keep what you don't use often.

White Shelf to Cover a Whole Wall of The Living Room 1

Dishes and Tableware With Flowers

Sure most have terraces and BBQs to point to this time of Sun and enjoy the outdoors, but what I say your tableware? isn't it time to make the ' wardrobe ' and take out the dishes and tableware with flowers that you have saved? There is no attachment to the table more spring than a crockery stamped with floral motifs. To my I like those of more muted tones in cakes or motif of small size, but there are many to choose from.
Dishes and Tableware With Flowers 1

Houses By The Sea in England

Holidaying in the English coast? The step that will be rising temperatures with the climate change, within a few years it will seem paradise. These houses by the sea in England will convince you that it can be a beautiful holiday destination. As the Costa del Sol in the summer is intense and long when August always want to emigrate to Northern Europe and breathe fresh air. The feeling of cool at night, need a pair of jeans and a jacket and sleeping with cover, is really attractive, because here in the South we know that until October that will not happen. I like the mild summers and that destinations such as the English coast or the Nordic countries for the warmer months are very pleasant, even if it rains, that also from time to time thanks.

Houses By The Sea in England 1

A Canopy Made of Sheets

Recently we talked about the romantic and warm making linen, wrinkled or not, decorations, but the gauze and cotton press nor lag behind. This canopy made of linen for the bedroom is a very cheap way to have one. This floor has only 60 m² but is full of places that inspire you to decorate our homes. From areas more minimalist and clear as the shelves, under windows or the area where the dining room is that there are no superfluous adornments that removed prominence to furniture or objects to highlight, to other more ornate areas such as the bedroom, with textiles and furniture many textures that fill and give comfort and warmth to the space.

A Canopy Made of Sheets 1

Contemporary Architecture in Marbella

When mentioned means to the Costa del Sol, for its luxury and might, if you have a point. In this area there are many dwellings of high level, the contemporary architecture in Marbella has fantastic examples as this House. Although it would cost most of the families who live in this part of the country the work of a couple of lives without breaks to allow us a supercasa like this, not we can ignore them. The architectural style of the coast is very particular, arches, towers, terraces, balustrades of white stone, colors white, cream, pink and orange on the walls, topped with traditional tile roofs are the salient features of these constructions.

Contemporary Architecture in Marbella 1

Small Functional and Luminous Duplex Apartment

There are houses that are full of charm, this small duplex bright and functional only by its small size and shape, it is a dream for students and young couples. The size sometimes doing more welcoming space. It is easier to achieve with decoration, a small apartment a warm and homey, atmosphere than a House of 200 m². If construction is over in the form of duplex with wooden beams at sight, stone walls, high and sloping ceilings and skylights, it is still easier to convert a House into a warm and comfortable home.

Small Functional and Luminous Duplex Apartment 1

Your Most Feminine Bedroom With Floral Wallpaper

The floral wallpaper is a nice resource to give that romantic and feminine touch to a bedroom. In muted colors and pastel flowers bring further softness and calm to a room. The bedroom is what I like about this Swedish apartment 68 m². The decor is very simple and light, with furniture light wood and textiles in neutral colors, which give you all the prominence at floral wallpaper on the wall and also serves as a great headboard.

Your Most Feminine Bedroom With Floral Wallpaper 1

Corner Sofa

Also called nook or corner sofa is a piece of furniture great for classrooms when we only want to have an element of relaxation. Years ago, when she went shopping for the living room and sofa was almost always is out of the store with a couch, for which almost never had enough room in our lounges, things such as. The three parts take up much space and are only valid for very large rooms.

Corner Sofa 1

The Importance of Home Staging

The day that the Spanish real estate and private individuals who want to sell their House to understand the importance of home staging, we can say that the market, finally, is has become more professional, look at this Danish House for sale and seek differences with the houses that you find Spanish websites. I find from time to time on my Facebook wall posts where friends or friends of friends (mostly Danes) sold their houses and I love it. Faster and faster I do click on the link to see the home on the website of the real estate and good, then what fool you, I get a little depressed because go difference with what we have here.

The Importance of Home Staging 1

Romantic Textiles

A couple of sheets, a few pillows, candles, a bottle of wine and voilĂ , a charming romantic atmosphere with textiles. Who we would say that this small 50 m² flat, going to like both?, well, mostly photos of the balcony, which this time will be in first position in the post against which normally I have used, because they are cute and stand out above the rest. The styling of this little spot is fantastic, the real estate company has worked hard to show another possibility of the space that would have been completely unnoticed (and believe me, if that would sit there to talk quietly with your average Norse Orange and a glass of wine, much building and neighbor that is in front, in that we won, because it gives them completely as the 'say what').

Romantic Textiles 1

Cottage With Original Elements

There are so many details in this cottage that you abide astonished info looking at every corner. The charm is in the floral motifs on textiles, wallpaper and accessories, combined with white walls, make the House to keep that country air of yesteryear. It is House has only 60 m², sufficient for getaways weekend away from currencies and technologies and make contact with the origins. It is full of original features such as wood-fired kitchen, Cabinet, furniture and old carpentry is has only given you a hand painting.

Cottage With Original Elements 1

Elegant Black Walls

The history of decoration have been colors, as black marginalized and almost prohibited, both on walls and furniture and decoration. Fortunately the great interior decorators and stylists of our time have been able to show us that they are very valid colors. This Monday we see a floor with elegant black walls in the living room. Years ago, black was a color that was practically not used in decoration, was unjustly marginalized by being associated with something sinister and was only chosen for certain environments and later by people of very characteristic taste (even in their dress and lifestyle).

Elegant Black Walls 1

Urban and Industrial Style in Copenhagen

Walls of brick, natural wood, furniture and metal accessories, diaphanous distribution, these are some of the elements that characterize the urban and industrial style of this apartment in Copenhagen. Inspired by the industrial style of New York lofts, owners of this apartment have managed to mix the Nordic style and the industrial in a wide space that meets the needs of the family. They don't like new things, in fact many objects and furniture have been found in antique shops and flea markets of fleas, making your home a unique and particular space.

Urban and Industrial Style in Copenhagen 1