August 31, 2016

Bedroom Double Height

They are aesthetically the most, but it is that dormitories to double height are also a great option to take advantage of the space. If always have wanted have one of these, but not are convinced at all. Notes proposals and looks it may well be. Use the double-height space for different purposes, from dressing rooms, studies, or simply a play area. This kind of provisions of space gives many possibilities.
Bedroom Double Height 1

Go For The Wood in The Kitchen

Although it is clear that white remains the favorite color within the current kitchens, the truth is that wood gradually returns to trend. Styles like the Nordic or the rustic neo start install with comfort in decoration magazines. If you like it, do not hesitate, there are many options that can convince you. From wooden furniture, wooden floors, high with rustic touches or small details. In addition, it is also interesting to see other materials that you can combine with your kitchen in wood.
Go For The Wood in The Kitchen 1

Different Types of Tables For Outdoor

If you have areas outside your home, you've certainly raised the idea of placing a table to enjoy meetings with friends and family. It is an excellent decision, however, you must pay close attention in the material we choose; and it is that in terms of outdoor tables refers, we find great variety of models and materials with different prices and features. In the shops of decoration surely will find different materials for furniture of outdoor. From wooden tables, warm and cozy, until the iron or PVC. The idea is to find one that fits in your pocket, but also to your favorite decorative style.
Different Types of Tables For Outdoor 1

Tips To Get A Study Nordic

The decoration Scandinavian or decoration Nordic continues being, to day of today, an of the great trends in interior design. Not us strange. This style is intended to get spaces full of light, materials noble and simplicity. A way to treat inside with respect, thus creating wider spaces visually and above all more cozy. In today's article we offer some tips to create a Nordic study at home. A quiet corner in which to study or work, where both the colors and furniture are in harmony.
Tips To Get A Study Nordic 1

Kitchen And Dining Room In One

The lack of space is, to day of today, one of the main problems in the homes. However, we can find solutions of the most interesting thing that can visually enlarge our farms. For example, the kitchens with dining room included. Built-in kitchens will provide us stays more functional, maximizing the meters from our home and also getting more decorative corners. For this reason, this time we will give you some ideas if you're thinking about include a dining area in your kitchen. There are many alternatives depending on the space that we have, since the possibility of including large tables to ideal solutions for small spaces.
Kitchen And Dining Room In One 1

August 30, 2016

Ideas For Decorating a Children Room With Nordic Style

Nordic style continues to be one of the Favorites when it comes to decorate interiors. Not only in kitchens or bathrooms, Nordic environments can also be seen in rooms such as the children's bedrooms. If you like the Scandinavian style and you're thinking about redecorating the room of children, this article will give you some ideas that you will surely love. They are proposals that we find in Kenay, one of the online stores of furniture that we like most.
Ideas For Decorating a Children Room With Nordic Style 1

August 28, 2016

Different Screens For Four Bathroom

Although the shower curtains can be precious, the truth is that aesthetically the effect of a bath screen like us much more. Are more clean, then retain better the water. But, in addition, are capable of extend visually the space, something very valuable, especially in bathrooms small. There are many alternatives in the shops of decoration. In this occasion you will give information about the models more used and them more eye-catching. From simple and minimalistic, fixed of glass to partitions with double opening. Find that best fits your space!

Different Screens For Four Bathroom 1

August 27, 2016

Stone In Walls

The stone walls remain, today one of the most recurrent in interior decoration. No shortage of reasons. Aesthetically, it is a resource that can adapt to any type of decoration. That, coupled with its strength and easy maintenance, no doubt convinced. We show you some places where you can place stone. From receivers to bathrooms. Any area of the House benefited can see by this super material which, despite what many believe, it is not only own rustic decorations.
Stone In Walls 1

Ideas Colorful To Decorate Exterior

We love the colorful exterior. The variety of tones on your terraces, balconies or patios, will make that space much more cozy and at the same time fun. Would you like to find some colorful ideas for decorating outdoors?  From the color of the walls going by the textile or even certain elements decorative. Notes and be prepared to radically change your outdoor rest areas with some tips.
Ideas Colorful To Decorate Exterior 1

August 26, 2016

Artistic Forge Furniture

Would you like to give a different touch to your home? Perhaps give him a bit of romance to your stays is an excellent idea. Today we will talk about a material that you can get impossible ways, and we refer to forging. It's a really versatile; but traditional material and it is that as we will show below, wrought iron can be used for a multitude of furniture and decorative elements. We love the proposal of Virginiart, a home design and decoration that specializes in furniture of wrought iron, from headboards to lamps and mirrors. They offer an interesting catalogue of products but also made furniture to order, because their products are completely handmade.
Artistic Forge Furniture 1

Key of The Style California

Lovers of the beach and the surf, prints and retro sixties furniture now have a decorative tendency which may include in their homes, and we are talking about California-style. A fresh style, with touches of color and fun, very fun. Would you like to know it a little more? Find the touch Californian perfect for your House. Textiles, parts decorative, furniture or paper painted to the walls. There are many resources to achieve and enjoy of a style different to a House different.
Key of The Style California 1

Ideas For a Zone of Washing With Style

The washing area does not have to be a little aesthetic. It certain is that there are many solutions to be able to create a space integrated with your decoration. Already is in the bathroom or in a room independent, the laundries can be places welcome. Today I will give you some ideas. From materials for your walls to furnishing accessories such as shelves or racks. Discover everything you can do to make your laundry room look well and, thus, be pleasant to be in it.
Ideas For a Zone of Washing With Style 1