April 29, 2017

5 Ideas for Restoring Old Furniture

Surely more than one has some old furniture at home, which I would like to renew. Yes, the old pieces give personality, character and a certain warmth. But we don't always know what to do with them. That's what we want to talk about in this article. Then we will give you 5 different ideas to restore your old furniture.

There are many resources available to us, from painting them to lining them with wallpaper. Everything will depend on the skill we have and the time we want to invest, because the truth is that all are low cost ideas, ie economic ideas, which you can put into practice from now on.

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7 Ideas for Decorating Receivers

It is not the stay of the house where we usually look. The receiver can be one of those spaces that we sometimes put aside. We recommend that you do not fall into that error, because it is the beginning of the journey of your home. The beginning of all the decoration of your house. The presentation card to the visitors. For that reason, it is good to take care of your looks.
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Decorate With Little Money Interesting Ideas

If there is a subject that really likes our readers and followers is all that has to do with low cost decor. Every time we share an article with ideas to decorate with little money, we notice that they share a lot in social networks. We hope that this is not the exception. We have shared a lot already on this subject, and it is not for less, with so many years that we have been on the net, but always appear new and original ideas, which we love to share. Here are some proposals we hope will inspire you.

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5 Proposals to Renovate the Kitchen With Little Money

Updating your kitchen doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. The truth is that there are a lot of ideas that you can take to make it look different and newer, and for less than you imagine. Yes, low cost changes that will help you to release kitchen in a few days and with little money.

5 Proposals to Renovate the Kitchen With Little Money 1
We have many alternatives to reach, from changes of countertop or worktop, to furniture, passing through the walls or the floor. Take a good look at all these ideas and choose the one you like.

Storage Ideas for Bathrooms

Generally the bathrooms never have all the storage space that we would like. The truth is that there are times when storing all of our toiletries can be a complicated task. It's probably time to tackle this topic, the storage space for bathrooms. So we approach a few solutions that can come in well.

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Fortunately there are solutions for all tastes and pockets. We can find from open shelves to furniture that takes advantage of every inch of the bathroom, whether large or small.

Fashionable Colors in a Charming Apartment

If you look at the amount of materials and fashionable colors that are present, it seems almost impossible to mix them all in one house. However, with a little ingenuity and taste, you can do real wonders.
Fashionable Colors in a Charming Apartment 1
As an example, we find an interesting project by Shoko Design, a study of Polish design which we discussed earlier. This is a beautiful apartment in which in addition to including fashionable colors such as gray, white or blue, have been able to include a wide range of products that are also trend, both in soil and walls and furniture.

5 Decorating Ideas With LED Lights

The LED lights are a revolution not only in the world of Enlightenment, but also in the world of decoration. And this time we will talk in particular of the LED strips. In addition to the obvious advantages of this kind of light, such as the low power consumption and the energy saving that it entails, the LED strips have an advantage in terms of their functionality. They are, literally, flexible, adhesive strips that can be placed in any corner of the house and vary their color.
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We must bear in mind that LED lighting, over the years, is slowly shifting to traditional lighting. Today we show you 6 ideas to place led strips in your house. Ideas that will make your home look much warmer and more welcoming. Do you dare?

Small Kitchens 6 Ideas for Decorating

Small kitchens may seem impossible to decorate. Narrow places that will be much smaller if we bet on the color. Tiny spaces that seem little usable or simply, rooms without light that do not invite to cook in them.

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This time we offer you 6 solutions for those small, narrow or no light kitchens that make you difficult to decorate them. Ideas ranging from the color chosen for the furniture to the artificial lighting.

5 DIY Ideas for Customized Dorms

Customizing a bedroom can be very easy, much more than you think. You just need a little imagination and time. Now, if you want inspiration, we propose a series of crafts that you can do yourself, with few materials and a result of the most charming. You'll see you can get personalized dorms with little money.

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The possibilities are very varied. From personalized headboards to bedside tables or even fun ways to expose your memories. Choose the one you like and get ready to give a unique touch to your room.

5 Tips for Ordering Cabinets

How many times have we seen images of cabinets on the internet and have thought it impossible to have it so neat? We do have a lot of clothes, the truth is that, as a rule, it is not so easy to order. Today we offer you some simple ideas that can help you. Solutions that will make your wardrobe or dressing room a decorating magazine. That's what the article is about today. We'll show you some tricks to order.

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Take care of the space, bet on accessories and complements and always separate winter clothes from the summer to "oxygenate" your closet or dressing room. Follow these tips to order cabinets and everything will be much simpler.