May 22, 2017

16 Things You Can Do With Recycled Pallets
Throughout these years, in LastHomeDecor we can affirm that if there is something that our fans love, it is everything that has to do with recycling and giving a second use to things. At the same time, within the recycling, the most visited articles of our blog are those that deal with things with pallets, and even more if we share images of furniture with pallets. In recent times, pallets have become almost absolute in the world of DIY. While it is true that at this time we have shared many articles with ideas of furniture with pallets, today we want to contribute some more proposals. If you like DIY decoration and you are looking for low cost furniture ideas, do not miss reading this post

16 Things You Can Do With Recycled Pallets 1

New Trends For Kitchens
Kitchen trends are always a source of inspiration when we are thinking of changing and reforming our own. If white was the great king until a few years ago, now we see how little new colors and finishes are introduced. We show you the latest trends, those that are causing real furor in the world of interior decoration. As you will see there is a bit of everything.

New Trends For Kitchens 1

Reading Corners For Everyone
Finding a good reading corner is no easy task. The most important thing is to find a place where we, the readers, feel comfortable; And without this, we will hardly find comfort in this space; And remember that to read and enjoy a good book, first of all, it is essential to feel relaxed and comfortable. A few days ago we shared ideas for reading places for children, and today we will talk about reading spaces in general.

Reading Corners For Everyone 1

Tips For Getting Simple And Functional Sitting Room
When opening the door of house, the first thing that we find is the hall. If you do not have one we encourage you to condition yours, because unlike what is believed, this space does not require too much money. Everything will depend on the resources you have available, since you may have stored some furniture and this is the time to finally give it a use. The idea is to get a simple and functional Sitting Room at the same time.

Tips For Getting Simple And Functional Sitting Room 1